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UNCG Democrats Seal

Table of Contents


  1. Name
  2. Purpose
  3. Membership
  4. Meetings
  5. Elections
  6. Officers
  7. Duties of Officers
  8. Executive Board
  9. Transfer of Power
  10. Finances
  11. Caucuses and Committees
  12. Advisor
  13. Publications
  14. Quorum
  15. Amendments
  16. Bylaws


  1. Oath of Office of the President
  2. Oath of Office of the Vice President
  3. Dues

Constitution of the College Democrats
at the
University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Article I: Name

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Section 1.01 The name of this organization, set forth in this Constitution shall be the College Democrats, located at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. For all intents and purposes, its acronym is UNCGCD.

Article II: Purpose

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Section 2.01 The purpose of this organization is to educate the UNCG population and the Greensboro community about the Democratic Party Platform and issues affecting our local, state, national, and international community. This organization is based on the UNCG campus, but shall work in the surrounding community to promote the beliefs, ideals, and candidates of the Democratic Party and encourage civic responsibility.

Article III: Membership

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Section 3.01 Membership of this organization shall be open to all students currently enrolled at UNCG. Non-students are welcome to participate, but unable to hold membership.

Section 3.02 Members of the UNCGCD enjoy the respective rights and privileges of this organization.

Section 3.03 No hazing or discrimination will be used as a condition of membership in this organization.

Section 3.04 This organization agrees to adhere to the University nondiscrimination statement: No university student may be denied membership on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, veterans’ or marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other protected group status.

Section 3.05 Members shall have the opportunity to debate or voice their opinion for or against any business occurring among the College Democrats at UNCG, so long as the parliamentary procedures of Robert’s Rules of Order are observed.

(a) Refer to Appendix A of Robert’s Rules of Order for a summary of things pertaining to debate and discussion.

Section 3.06 To be recognized as an official full voting member of the College Democrats at UNCG, one must have paid dues for the semester. However, non-due paying persons can participate in events and be recognized by the General Body or Executive Board.

(a) Mandatory Dues may be set by the Executive Board although such dues shall not exceed $20, and shall not be any less than $5, and in the event that a member cannot pay dues they must be provided an alternative mechanism for fulfilling this requirement such as a payment plan or Executive Board sanctioned service to the Organization or its objective.

(b) No university student may be denied full membership due to an inability to pay dues.

Section 3.07 Membership may be revoked if a member, using the rights given by Article III section 5, becomes disrespectful and will not stop after receiving two warnings from the board. At this point the board will have the discretion to decide if the membership should remain, be revoked, and/or any other sanctioned disciplinary action decided by the board.

(a) A vote for membership revocation needs a majority of the board’s approval before it can become effective.

Section 3.08 To appeal this decision, the member must make their case to the Executive Board by way of a written statement by the next board meeting and oral statement at a closed meeting of the board where they must receive a majority vote of the board to reinstate the person’s status as a member.

Article IV: Meetings

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Section 4.01 This organization shall be active during the fall and spring academic semesters, with limited activity during the summer and winter academic remissions.

Section 4.02 While active, the organization shall hold a minimum of two General Body business meetings per month. The Executive Board shall agree upon meeting times and dates.

(a) General Body meetings may be cancelled by a majority of the Executive Board with at least 24 hours’ notice, before the meeting’s designated start time.

(b) All voting by the General Body must be held at regular business meetings.

Article V: Elections

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Section 5.01 There are to be two elections each year within the College Democrats of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. There are to be Tier One Elections, which shall consist of: the President, the Vice-President, and the Director of Finance.

(a) These officers shall be elected at a general body meeting within three weeks of the annual YDNC/CDNC/NCATD Convention.

(b) The Inauguration ceremony, which is the swearing in of the President and Vice-President, is to be held within two weeks of the elections of these officers.

Section 5.02 To vote for office in an election, an individual must have paid dues and be approved by a Credentials Committee, to be appointed by the President two weeks prior to the YDNC/CDNC/NCATD Convention.

Section 5.03 The President of this organization shall appoint the Credentials Committee. The committee’s role shall be to conduct an oversight investigation into the roster of registered due-paying members and deliver to the Secretary a quantitative list of those eligible to vote in elections.

Section 5.04 Those desiring to run for office on the Executive Board, are to submit a formal expression of intent to run for an office by a date to be set by the Executive Board. This date is to be within 24 hours of the set election date.

(a) This is done by an official application of candidacy sent out to all general body members, a form by which any member can file to run.

(b) The elections of the tier two offices are to be conducted on the third general body meeting of the fall semester.

Section 5.05 Officers must be elected by a simple majority vote of the assembly. If there is no simple majority for the first round of elections, then another round will be held between the top two candidates.

(a) The run-off between the two candidates will occur until a candidate has been officially elected.

Section 5.06 Terms in office will start immediately following a candidate’s election, unless otherwise specified by the Constitution, with candidacy being predicated only upon the candidate being a chartered member, and any other requirements laid out in this Constitution.

Section 5.07 Any officers in disagreement may appeal to the Executive Board, and likewise Executive Board directions may be appealed to the General Body.

(a) This list is to be delivered 24 hours before elections are to take place.

Article VI: Officers

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Section 6.01 This organization shall elect a President, Vice President, and Director of Finance. Also a Director of Political Affairs, Director of Communications, and Secretary.

(a) Upon the installation of a Board, the President is to nominate someone to serve as the Chief of Staff. This nomination is to be confirmed by a majority vote of the Executive Board, a vote to be executed under the presidium of the Vice President.

(b) The President and Vice-President of the UNCGCD must be of differing gender identities. If candidates of differing gender identities cannot be found and a good-faith effort has been made to do so, then the sitting Executive Board may waive this requirement.

Section 6.02 All officers must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and working knowledge of the organization’s Constitution and bylaws.

(a) This requirement can be reviewed and waived by the sitting Executive Board, but is to be done on a case by case basis.

(b) The exception to this requirement is that the Head Officer (President), must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Section 6.03 Any officer may be removed from office for gross negligence of their duties, for missing three General Body and/or Executive Officer meetings without proper notice or a valid excuse, or by attending meetings but neglecting to fulfill their constitutionally defined duties.

(a) The charges against this Board Member must be brought forward to the Executive Board, and are to be debated and voted on by the Executive Board, with a 2/3rds majority being required for removal.

(b) This vote must take place two weeks after the Board has been officially notified of the charges brought against the member in question and one week after a defense has been offered a defense before the Board.

Section 6.04 If any member of the Executive Board of the UNCG Democrats has been convicted of acts that have broken the law, the Student Academic Code, or other conduct which may involve moral turpitude, a member of the Executive Board can call for immediate removal of that officer. That vote must be a 2/3rds majority vote by the Executive Board.

Section 6.05 In the event of the office of President becoming vacant, the Vice President is to be sworn in as the President at the next General Body Meeting. The office of Vice-President is to then be filled through the Process described in Article VI.

Section 6.06 An officer may resign from office with one-week notice before the next general body meeting with a formal resignation letter.

(a) The letter of resignation must be presented to the Secretary and President of the organization. If the President wishes to resign, their letter of resignation must be submitted to both the Vice-President and Secretary within one week of the next general body meeting.

Section 6.07 In the event of vacancies in any office, aside from the office of President, a quorum of the General Body must elect a replacement within 2 weeks.

Section 6.08 No officer or general body member should incur any debt over the amount of $25.00 on behalf of this organization without prior approval from the general body. Reimbursement of debt under the amount of $50.00 may be approved by the President, and over $50.00, by the Executive Board.

Article VII: Duties of Officers

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Section 7.01 All board members are encouraged to work at least an hour weekly in the College Democrats office, unless specified by the Executive Board.

(a) This encouragement may be further specified by the sitting Executive Board.

Section 7.02 All Tier Two officers shall be trained by the newly elected President and Vice President on the execution of their duties. Tier two officers shall turn over organization materials and documents after their term in office to the President and Vice President.

Section 7.03 The President shall:

(a) stand as the spokesperson for the organization;

(b) chair board meetings and general body meetings;

(c) delegate tasks to board members to accomplish the goals of the organization;

(d) work as the liaison between College Democrats and other student organizations;

(e) receive and establish the ideas of members of the organization;

(f) be a signatory on all financial records, including but not limited to purchases, reimbursements, checks, and the bank account;

(g) and lastly, be the representative of the chapter to the party and other auxiliaries.

Section 7.04 The Vice President shall:

(a) facilitate meetings and goals of the organization in the absence of the president;

(b) serve as a facilitator of the amendment process;

(c) ensure that the constitution is upheld;

(d) succeed the President in the event of a vacancy in the office of President;

(e) serve by default as the head officer of the Historical Committee.

Section 7.05 The Director of Finance shall:

(a) keep dues records for all members of College Democrats;

(b) organize all fundraising activities and make sure they follow university rules;

(c) keep track of all spending records and make sure RSO money is spent following the laws of the university;

(d) fill out all fund request forms submitted to the CAP offices and have them approved by the President;

(e) fulfill yearly accounting requirements that are required by the university;

(f) be the secondary signer on all financial records, including but not limited to purchases, reimbursements, checks, and the bank account;

(g) draft and sign all fundraising letters and phone scripts;

(h) follow up on prior donors.

Section 7.06 The Director of Political Affairs shall:

(a) arrange all relations between College Democrats and Political Figures;

(b) communicate with Political Figures concerning presence at meetings and events held by College Democrats;

(c) research and deliver a “Political Update” upon the Executive Board or General Body’s request;

(d) stand as a resource for political information for members of College Democrats.

Section 7.07 The Director of Chapter Engagement shall:

(a) organize membership recruitment and engagement events;

(b) they shall be responsible for researching and presenting opportunities for the chapter to get involved in the surrounding community.

Section 7.08 The Director of Communications shall:

(a) work to advertise meetings and events for College Democrats through flyers, chalking, and social media presence;

(b) inform the press of events led by College Democrats;

(c) by default, be in charge of maintaining the organization’s website;

(d) make the meeting minutes received from the Secretary public.

Section 7.09 The Secretary shall:

(a) keep records of all Executive Board meetings;

(b) maintain a spreadsheet of all current members, their contact information, and their activity in the organization;

(c) maintain the listserv;

(d) create and distribute a monthly newsletter;

(e) record meeting minutes of the general body meeting and send those minutes out to the Director of Communications.

Section 7.10 The Chief of Staff shall:

(a) assist all officers in their official duties;

(b) enforce and oversee all requirements in all sections of Article V, VI, and VII of this constitution.

Section 7.11 For the purposes of adaptation and clarification, duties required of all officers may be expanded or suspended by the Executive Board for the duration of that Officer’s tenure through the bylaws of this organization, pending the objections of the General Body, although a record of such change is to be maintained and made available to all members of the organization upon request.

Article VIII: Executive Board

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Section 8.01 The Executive Board shall be composed of all elected officers. The President shall chair the Executive Board, and shall report all decisions of the board at the following General Body meeting.

Section 8.02 All those determined to be members of the Executive Board, shall be entitled to one vote on the Board, unless otherwise stated in the Constitution, Bylaws, or terms of appointment.

(a) The President, as the chair of the Executive Board, shall be entitled to one vote. However, this vote is to only be granted in instances where the President is not chairing the proceedings of an Executive Board meeting or in the event of a tie.

Section 8.03 The Executive Board shall meet at least once weekly, at a predetermined time, agreed upon by all members of the Executive Board.

(a) The President shall reserve the right to call a meeting of the Executive Board, provided four hours’ notice is provided.

Section 8.04 The Executive Board must have quorum of sitting members present to make a binding decision. The Executive Board shall have the power to act on behalf of the organization between General Body meetings.

Section 8.05 All elected officers are required to attend general body meetings, except in the case of extenuating circumstances.

(a) Absences related to county, state, or national party business shall automatically be considered excused, including absences related to campaigns. The President and Secretary must be presented with written or electronic notice of absence at least 24 hours before the event during which the absence will occur.

Section 8.06 All powers not specifically granted in this Constitution to the Executive Board, or any other authoritative body, shall be reserved to the organization and this General Body, and may be delegated to individuals by a decision of that Body or the Executive Board.

Section 8.07 Decisions of the President may be overturned by a simple majority vote of the General Body within a month of the executive decision; this overturning process must take place at an General Body meeting.

(a) Decisions of the Executive Board may be overturned by a simple majority vote of the General Body within a month of the decision; this overturning process must take place at a General Body meeting.

Section 8.08 In cases where the President is unable to chair the Executive Board, the Vice-President shall take their place. When the Vice-President is absent, the meeting shall be chaired by the next officer listed in Article VI, Section 1, and so on.

Section 8.09 Former board members are allowed, as long as they left the organization on good terms, to sit in on board meetings and advise the current board on issues.

(a) Former Board Members, unless otherwise empowered by this constitution, shall not have a vote on the Executive Board.

Section 8.10 Members of the UNCG College Democrats who hold a seat on the CDNC Executive Board shall be members of the UNCGCD executive board ex officio and have a vote, but shall still be held by the same requirements of attendance as other members of the executive board.

Section 8.11 The President shall have the authority to nominate individuals, who are members of the chapter, to serve on the Executive Board. If confirmed, the appointment shall be in effect until the term of the currently elected Executive Board is completed or until a time established at the time of the appointment has been reached.

(a) The nomination is to be made by the President, and approved by the Executive Board.

Article IX: Transfer of Power

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Section 9.01 The transfer of power from the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of one year will follow this same process each year to the newly elected President and Vice-President.

Section 9.02 The Inaugural Reception will take place within two weeks after the election of President and Vice-President; at this ceremony, the swearing in of newly elected President and Vice-President will take place.

Section 9.03 To be sworn into office, the President-elect and Vice President-elect will be administered their respective oaths of office while holding their hand over the UNCGCD Constitution and the anthology of UNCGCD that is created and maintained by the Historical Committee.

Section 9.04 The outgoing President will administer the oath of office to the President-elect and the outgoing Vice-President will administer the oath of office to the Vice-President-elect. The person who is chosen to hold the Constitution and anthology of UNCGCD will be the designated “Democrat of the Year”, who is recognized at the Inaugural ceremony.

Section 9.05 To prepare the President and Vice-President-elect for their upcoming term, the outgoing President and Vice-President will spend the time between the election and the end of the school year to go over the information in the UNCGCD Portfolio, which is a collection of the information pertaining to every board position, passwords to social media, tips on how to put together certain aspects of the chapter, financial records and bank information, SGA allocation tips, the list of contacts and donors, and other important information decided by the President and Vice-President.

Section 9.06 The newly elected President, Vice President, and Director of Finance shall assume their duties, by default, at 12pm on the last exam day of the school year. However, this day may be changed by a 2/3 majority of the sitting Executive Board.

Article X: Finances

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Section 10.01 At minimum, the treasurer and president must both be financially certified. It is urged to also have the Vice President be financially certified.

Article XI: Caucuses and Committees

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Section 11.01 Committee chairs are responsible for appointing members of their committee. Meeting times shall be discussed and determined amongst the committee members.

Section 11.02 All committee decisions must be transmitted to the Executive Board within one week of a decision being reached, and may be relayed by the Executive Board at the next General Body meeting where they may be subject to General Body approval.

Section 11.03 The President is vested with the power to create Ad hoc committees and appoint Ad hoc committee Chairs for a specific purpose and duration to be announced at the time of the committee’s creation.

Section 11.04 There shall be a standing Membership Committee, appointed within two weeks of the election of the entire Executive Board in the fall semester.

(a) The goals of this committee shall be to engage membership and grow membership.

Section 11.05 There shall be a standing Historical Committee, which shall be appointed within two weeks of the election of the entire Executive Board in the fall semester.

(a) The goals of this committee shall be to log and preserve the history of this organization and to work with the inaugural committee, and other groups designated, on the inauguration for historic purposes.

Section 11.06 There shall be a standing Constitutional Committee, empowered as the constitutional authority of the UNCGCD.

(a) This committee shall be chaired by the Vice-President and consist of two other members, to be nominated by the Vice-President and confirmed by the general body.

(i) Of the two committee members, one shall be a member of the executive board and the other shall be a member of the general body.

(ii) The members of this committee shall make themselves experts on the UNCGCD constitution and its bylaws.

(iii) The number of members of this committee may be expanded by the bylaws of the UNCGCD.

(b) This committee shall be empowered, at the request of any member of UNCGCD and at the discretion of the committee, to investigate the constitutionality of actions already undertaken and to issue opinions and orders pertaining to them.

(i) The opinions and orders of this committee shall be considered definitive and binding.

(ii) All decisions of this committee shall be made public.

(iii) Decisions shall be reached by a simple majority of the members of this committee.

(iv) Opinions and summaries of decisions are to be written by the Vice-President or delegated to another member of the committee by the Vice-President.

(v) Requests for an investigation into a constitutional matter must be submitted in writing to the Vice-President.

(c) The normal requirements for committee meetings shall be waived for the Constitutional Committee, which shall meet on an as-needed basis.

Section 11.07 Caucuses shall be created by majority vote in either the Executive Board or the General Body. Caucus chairs shall be appointed by the Executive Board with General Body approval. Caucuses will continue until they are dismissed by the Executive Board.

(a) Caucus chairs and their members will serve the duration of the term of the Executive Board that appointed them.

Section 11.08 Any Ad-Hoc Committee or Caucus’ decisions may be overridden by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board within one month of the decision.

Section 11.09 Committees and Caucus’ shall be required to meet the standards of activity, as established in this Constitution, unless otherwise noted herein.

(a) The requirements for activity shall be;

(i) Organized meetings shall be held at least twice each semester with explicitly laid out goals, geared towards the completion of the duties set forth in this constitution for each committee.

(ii) Each meeting of an organized committee or caucus, must have a quorum of those who sit as a part of the committee in order to count towards their number of required meetings.

(iii) Each meeting that occurs, must be independent of Executive Board or General Body Meetings of UNCGCD.

Article XII: Advisor

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Section 12.01 It is the duty of the current President to ensure there is an advisor for the club.

Section 12.02 Upon a presidency change, the departing President must facilitate communication between the new president and the organization's advisor.

Article XIII: Publications

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Section 13.01 All advertisements of this organization must comply with the University Posting Policy.

Section 13.02 All printed media must be approved by the Director of Communications or a majority of the Executive Board.

Article XIV: Quorum

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Section 14.01 Quorum shall be defined as a majority (50% + 1) of the registered members of this organization, a list that shall be updated by the treasurer and tracked by the secretary.

Article XV: Amendments

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Section 15.01 This Constitution may be amended at any General Body meeting of the club upon a two-thirds affirmative vote, if the amendment was submitted at least seven days prior at a General Body meeting where quorum was present.

Section 15.02 The amendments to this Constitution are presented to the Executive Board, at which point they must decide upon a date that the proposed amendments are to be placed into effect. This is under the assumption that the amendments are ratified by the General Body.

Article XVI: Bylaws

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Section 16.01 The Executive Board shall compose bylaws that may be amended by a majority vote at any General Body meeting at which quorum is present.

Bylaws of the UNCG College Democrats

Article I: The Oath of Office of the President

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Section 1.01 The Oath of Office of the President of the UNCG College Democrats shall be as follows;

(a) I, (_____________), in the presence of my peers, community, and fellow Democrats, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will diligently and faithfully execute the office of President of the College Democrats at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; that I will uphold the Constitution, said organization, and the Bylaws of the College Democrats of North Carolina; I shall be a standard-bearer of fairness, justice, and equality, and will adhere to the North Carolina Democratic Party Plan of Organization. I take the obligations of this office freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. So help me God (optional).

Article II: The Oath of Office of the Vice President

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Section 2.01 The Oath of Office of the Vice-President of the UNCG College Democrats shall be as follows;

(a) (a) I, (____________), in the presence of my peers and fellow Democrats, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the duties of Vice President of the College Democrats at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; that I will uphold the constitution and bylaws of the same, and will to the best of my ability be a representative of fairness, justice, and equality, as is consistent with the principles of this party and those I have been elected to represent. So help me God (optional).

Article III: Dues

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Section 3.01 With dues being required in order to vote for elections, clarity is necessary in order to better establish how the dues shall be honored for elections.

(a) Dues which are paid to cover the Spring semester, shall be honored until the Fall elections of the next year, after which point dues will be required again for the next election.

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The UNCG College Democrats are an organization of politically engaged, progressive college students. Join us to help actively promote progressive thought and action in our community.

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